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1   Link   A Perfect Harmony
Website of Dr Nathalie Fiset, a family physician and certified hypnotherapist at Anna Laberge Hospital (Chateauguay, QC). She has produced Hypno-Beginning, a complete and powerful program to use hypnosis for a natural and peaceful childbirth.
2   Link   Yogaspace
Pregnancy and Mom & Baby yoga.
3   Link   Childbirth Connection is your source for trustworthy up-to-date evidence-based information and resources on planning for pregnancy, labor and birth, and the postpartum period. Founded in 1918, Childbirth Connection is a American not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of maternity care. They promote safe, effective and satisfying evidence-based maternity care for all women and families.
4   Link   Lamaze International
Lamaze is a nonprofit organization that promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years.
Lamaze education and practices are based on the best, most current medical evidence available. They can help reduce the use of unnecessary interventions and improve overall outcomes for mothers and babies. Working closely with their families, health care providers and Lamaze educators, millions of pregnant women have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices.
The mission of Lamaze International is to promote, support and protect natural, safe and healthy birth through education and advocacy through the dedicated efforts of professional childbirth educators, providers and parents.
Forming the foundation of the organization are the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices. These evidence-based practices, adapted from the World Health Organization, promote, protect and support natural, safe and healthy birth.
5   Link   Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative
The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) is a coalition of individuals and national organizations concerned for the care and well-being of mothers, babies, and families. Their mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs. This evidence-based mother-, baby-, and family-friendly model focuses on prevention and wellness as the alternatives to high-cost screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs.

The evidence-based Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI) evolved from the collaborative effort of many individuals and more than 26 organizations focused on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding during meetings spanning nearly three years in the 1990's. The MFCI - the cornerstone of CIMS’ mission - is the first and only consensus document on U.S. maternity care. The MFCI is recognized as an important instrument for change both in the US and abroad.
6   Link   Spinning Babies
Spinning Babies Website is a project of Gail Tully, a homebirth midwife in Minnesota, USA. She is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), credentialed by North American Registry of Midwives. From observations and study, Gail adds her contribution to the topic of Optimal Foetal Positioning (Fetal Positioning in the US).
7   Link   Self-care practices shown to reduce or prevent birth-induced pelvic floor injury
University of Michigan School of Nursing website presenting three self care practices (pelvic muscle training, prenatal perineal massage, and spontaneous pushing during birth), which have been shown to reduce or prevent birth-induced pelvic floor injury. Includes instructions on how to perform perineal massage and pelvic muscle training.
8   Link   Preventing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
If you've heard about pelvic floor problems related to pregnancy and giving birth, you may be confused about what they are and what can cause them. This section of the Childbirth Connection website provides reliable information about these problems and how to avoid them.
9   Link   Labor Pain: an in Depth Pregnancy Topic
From Childbirth Connection
For many pregnant women, concerns about labor pain are second only to concerns about their baby's welfare. Decisions you make about pain relief measures can have a profound effect on:
your experience and memories of labor;
procedures, medications, or restrictions that may become necessary for you or your baby; and
your and your baby's well-being after the birth.
For these reasons, you will want to explore your labor pain relief options well in advance and make informed choices based on the best and latest research. This website can help you do that.
10   Link   Labour Support: an In Depth Pregnancy Topic
From Childbirth Connection
11   Link   The Bonapace Approach to Birth
The Bonapace Program is a non pharmacological program developed by Quebecer Julia Bonapace to reduce the pain of childbirth. The program complements many of the approaches taken to prenatal preparation and is taught in a number of local community service centres (CLSCs), as well as a good number of Quebec hospitals. A series of teaching documents have been developed to meet distance training requirements. A team of accredited trainers teaches the Bonapace Program in many areas of Quebec and throughout the world.

The Program's general objective is to improve a couple's competence and skills in coping with the perinatal period and, more specifically:
•To reduce medical intervention by the effective management of pain; and
•To reduce the couple's stress level by encouraging the father to play an active role during the pregnancy and at the moment of birth.

Pain modulation is one of the major ways in which this program differs from others. Pain reduction does not lie solely in various techniques used (breathing, massage, relaxation, etc.). It is based on an understanding of the role pain plays in the body, its transmission and, in particular, the use of ways in which the body itself can modulate its perception of pain.
12   Link   The Bradley Childbirth Method
The Bradley method was first popularized by Dr. Robert Bradley in his book, “Husband-Coached Childbirth”. Fundamental to the Bradley birth philosophy is the belief that with adequate preparation and support from a loving, supportive coach (your partner), most women can naturally deliver their children. No drugs or surgery necessary!
13   Link   Dr Sarah Buckley - Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering
Would you like to increase your confidence in your body and your chance of a gentle, safe, natural, labor and birth?
Would you like a head-start with your gentle birth and parenting choices, so that caring for your baby can be as safe, easy and pleasurable as possible?
Do you need the best solid, scientific evidence about gentle birth and gentle mothering so that you can understand the benefits for your baby, your family and yourself?
On this site, Sarah J Buckley MD, family physician/GP, mother of four, and author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering gives you the best medical information in easy to understand language, so that you can be informed, supported, nourished and inspired as you embark on your extraordinary journey, bringing new life into the world.